Sunday, March 14, 2010

Works In Progress

Sorry I haven’t been social lately. I miss my blogging friends, but I just can’t devote some time to my blog right now. My “REAL” job has been and will continue to be very hectic and after sitting in 8-hour team meetings (meaning they actually expect you to (1) stay awake and (2) participate), I am thoroughly exhausted when I get home.

Here’s a couple of WIP’s (I learned that in my team meetings) and some links of inspiration:



This was a kit given to us at Silver Bella courtesy of Ann-Denise Anderson. Thank you Ann-Denise for the lovely photo tutorial, too. Isn’t she a pretty victorian scrap? She turned out beautifully, if I do say so myself!!



These came from Stampington’s newsletter, Creative Impulse. I used colored glass orbs and glued the brass filigree with E6000. It’s important to bend the edges up first, then slide the marble in, check the edges are lying flat against the marble, then slide it out. If you try to bend the edges with the marble in place, they will not lay flat.




These are courtesy of Sandra Evertson’s book, Fanciful Paper Projects. I had lots of fun making the vintage ladies, the paper maker box and especially the ballerina. Sandra’s book is awesome!  I still have more projects I want to complete, too.

So I have been able to sneak in some crafting. I have an ongoing Young Victoria swap and I’ve been working on two tutorials. Hopefully I’ll be posting them soon!

Have a lovely spring week!