Friday, April 24, 2009

Pink & Green Swap

A highly anticipated box arrived today! I could barely stop myself from ripping it open on the front steps. But no, I decided to share my goodies with you. So let’s open it together!! Shall we…


Ohhhh! Oh my!!! Isn’t it just gorgeous!?!? I said I’d share but those are MY initials… Hurry!! Lift the lid!!!


Pink and green GOODY  BAGS!! Slowly lift them out of the box!  WOW! There’s more stuff under them!!



Look at all these goodies!!! Did I REALLY say I’d share, are you sure?? OK open the presents, hurry now…



Wow!! This is BETTER than my birthday, better than Christmas, better than CHOCOLATE!!! Well, yeah, better than chocolate, for me… These are for ME! Share?? Who said share??? Wait… we didn’t open the goodie bags!!!



Oh Jessi! I can’t thank you enough! I got the BEST SWAPPER in the whole world!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

You are just the SWEETEST!! What else from the hugely talented, veteran blogging, award winning, swap savvy, vintage diva Jessica Nagy

It was a honor! Thank you again for being my first swap partner!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wishes Come True Too

Remember on Saturday when I mentioned my niece’s birthday and how bad she wanted a home run?? Well she didn’t do it on Saturday…BUT SHE DID IT ON SUNDAY!!

Picture 044


Picture 025


Picture 029

They came in third in the tournament. WAY TO GO GIRLS!! It takes everyone one of you to be a team!!

(and I apologize for the pics, they were the only ones I had!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It’s Tuesday!

They sure do come really fast, don’t they??


Excuse the glare. It’s already dark by the time I get home and the dining room has the brightest lighting. Only 4 books today. Trust me, I have 26 on order and they’ll all show up at the SAME time!

Of course you know where I went after that. Not much, just some odds and ends. Pad of sketching paper, a couple tiny picture frames, a doily and while I was rummaging through the bin of linens, look what I found…


ANOTHER oil painting. My guess - someone stashed it to come back and buy it later. WRONG! I found it. You really wouldn’t believe where I find stuff in that store.

Oh yeah! I’m good!

Hope you were good today too!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Collage Stuff

These are the little goodies I ordered from Lisa’s website Collage I can’t remember where I got her name (Tim Holtz’s website, I’m thinking).


I love those victorian tags and 1889 dictionary pages. Can you believe “forswink” was a word?! A verb, actually, meaning “to exhaust by labor.”


She’s the best source I’ve found for vintage paper products! When you live in a small town, antique stores are about the only place that sells vintage papers. That’s why I get so excited  when I find an old ledger or receipt book at the thrift store. Her website has 2 galleries that feature completed projects using her products. Truly inspirational stuff. And her blog you can check out. too.

Hope you had a Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Altered Journey

Tim and I had sooo much fun today…


I played with distress inks, brushless watercolor, alcohol inks and made clay medallion pieces. I didn’t finish one project as I had to work fast. Tim is due back at the library tomorrow. I’ll have to show you the finished projects another day.

Yesterday was my niece’s birthday. I made her a monkey laundry bag from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches book. Little, she’s not. She just LOVES monkeys… She was playing tournament softball in Ormond Beach, FL. 4 hits and excellent plays in the field but really wanted a home run on her birthday!  FOUR hits is fabulous - WAY TO GO MADDIE!! And they won all 4 games too!!

monkey laundry bag (2)

And my BBF Pam, over at also had a birthday yesterday. I sent her a little something too, but you’ll have to visit her blog to see it. She got LOTS of presents, my kinda birthday!! 

Tomorrow’s Monday, already…Whoever stole the weekend, could you please bring it back?!?!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Library Night

Yes, it’s Tuesday already! Just last week we were all busy preparing for Easter and it’s over! This month is just flying by.


I confess…I’ve read Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finnanger when it first came out last summer. Such cute projects! The photography was actually done in a museum home that’s open to the public. I’ll have to scan some to show you…

And Tuesday means my favorite thrift store. Wait till you see today’s scores!!


Not one, but TWO oil paintings…


One framed and one not. This one of the flowers is actually painted on a piece of plywood.


Two music books and see that brown leather case??? Look a little closer…


Yes it does say “Made in France”. And the pages are in French, there’s a phone directory and map of France. But even better than that…


Check out that orange sticker!!! A whopping .79 cents!!! It even came with a business card…


Sorry it’s not the best picture. I just couldn’t resist showing off! Oh yeah!! Excuse me while I do my little victory dance…

Hope you had a reason to dance today too!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Junk Shopping

Hope you all had a blessed Easter season. On Good Friday we took my little cousin Junk Shopping!


I had 2 MAJOR scores! 1952 Girl Scout Handbook and Carmen (can’t find a date) in a foreign language. Couldn’t tell you which foreign language, though. Required high school Spanish classes were a long, long time ago… If someone can tell me by the cover, I’d love to know!

She was so excited (maybe, because there were 4 adults buying for 1 little one). We were in Juliet’s Closet and she exclaimed to the clerk, “I LOVE JUNK SHOPPING!”

Don’t we all, Olivia?!?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy Tuesday

I don’t know of anyone getting married, but I do know these cones are absolutely adorable!! You only need a romantic niche to display these beauties!

'Set of two wedding cones adorned with romantic vintage music sheets,pearl earrings,paper parchment roses,hand tea dyed vintage lace. Post photo of cones on your blog and blog address then sign up to win!

Drawing is Saturday April 11th Happy Easter!!

And today I frantically finished my 5 charms for the Cloth Paper Scissors Charm Swap. I just read about it yesterday (don’t know how on earth I missed it!) and decided to go for it. I barely made it to the post office before they closed!! I didn’t get a picture of the actual ones I sent, so these will have to do.


I can only tell you one was made from a wooden spool, one was made from a zipper pull, one was made from a heart earring and 2 were made from plastic tubing. Those participating in the charm bracelet collaborative will see the wooden spool and shell button & bead charms very soon.

I picked up a couple more Japanese craft books from the library today…


Sorry I just couldn’t get a decent photo this evening. The book that is hidden is titled Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small by Ted Andrews. I read some great reviews on this book so I ordered it. Not usually my kind of book but you never know unless you check it out…

And what’s a Tuesday without a trip to my favorite thrift store…


It was slim pickings tonight. A round rhinestone brooch, 3 padded hangers, set of silk leaves, more metal sewing bobbins and 2 pieces of silverware.

Hope your had a fab-filled Tuesday!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Creative Every Day

I forgot to post my Creative Every Day for the month of March…




Leah over at gives us a monthly theme (totally optional) to create with and March was DREAMS. I created my banner and hung it above my bed and totally forgot about it. Yesterday it dawned on me I needed April’s creative theme, COLOR.

Did you see all the beautiful art and collage pieces posted?? Such talent over there…

Weekends go by way too fast! Hope you had a good one!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pink & Green Swap

See that little INNOCENT icon on the left??? The one I thought “How Fun!”… I’ve never done a swap … How hard could it be? … I send some goodies to them … they send some goodies to me …


The Hugely Talented, Veteran Blogging,  Award Winning, Swap Savvy, Vintage Diva Jessica Nagy!!

And holding a vintage Barbie doll case I would die for!!

All I can say is I’m HONORED and now I’m TOTALLY STRESSED!!!


Brand new Paper Cuts & Giveaway

Quick!! Head on over to and get registered for a great giveaway!

She’s giving away 2 packs of paper cuts and 6 semi-gloss collage sheets!! And oh, are they absolutely wonderful!!

But you only have 1 more day to register!!!

Thank you Kristin for being so gracious!