Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Library Night

I can NOT believe I’m down to posting once a week! I have sooo many projects going right now and the summer is just slippin’ away!

Here tonite’s library haul and can you guess what I’m working on???


One side of the new front yard wall that my son built, by himself (those are his words), my job was digging.


More digging for mom as we’re building a new deck onto the back of the house at the same time. (At least you can’t get bored with ONE project around here!)


And while the outside is getting worked on – the whole second floor got new carpeting on Saturday! Now that’s a job I left to the professionals. When I first moved into this house this stairway was painted gloss hunter green. Every piece of wood trim in this house was painted gloss hunter green, except the 2nd floor, and it was painted dark brown.


My room still needs new trim … I was sooo not stripping all of it, so I just ripped it out.


Son number 2’s room…


Didn’t take a picture of Son number 1’s as the carpet installers put all the beds in there and by the time I cleared it out, I forgot a picture… So a couple more weekends (I hope) and I should be totally done on the second floor. Then Pam’s coming to decorate! And after checking out her “Wordless Wednesday” maybe I can talk her into planting my gardens too!!

Back to tonite’s library books…


I can’t wait to open up these!! I think it’s the diversion of having so much going on right now that I love to escape into these wonderful crafting books just to dream about being creative! Or hop on my motorcycle for a ride…but that’s a post for another day…

Hope you had a fabulous Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Library Night

My weeks are just flying by. Here it is another Tuesday already! And we’re halfway through the month of July!! Only 2 books this week…


I did want to share a book with you…


Altered Art by Terry Taylor. I do LOVE her books! Love this version of Pandora’s Box in an altered book.


Creative tags which always appeal to me…


and altered metal boxes…


This is a really great book filled with inspiration if you like mixed media projects! I will definitely be trying some of her techniques out!

Hope you had a happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Library Night

Another Tuesday at the library…


The Holy Cards and Saints books are for a Silver Bella Saint Tag Swap I’ll be participating in November.

Not So Big Remodeling is to help me dream up MORE ideas for my home and 5 Ingredient Favorites from Better Homes & Gardens to help me break my diet.

Hopefully Mixed Media Collage Jewelry will help me create something to show off…

Maybe next Tuesday won’t come so fast!! Hope you had a happy one!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Apron Giveaway

Susan over at Not Quite June Cleaver is having an absolutely lovely giveaway. Not one, but TWO aprons…one handmade, one vintage!!


And she bakes every Friday!! Go check her out!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Library Night

It’s Tuesday and time to relax on a gorgeous evening with a few good books and a cup of coffee!


Dream Backyards and Dare to Repair, Replace & Renovate are project books I found at Lowe’s, scribbled down the titles and lo & behold, are library books!

Altered Art Circus by Lisa Kettell her first book, published in February is a mixed media project book.

Weekend Sewing and Embellishing with Anything are sewing project books and Paper Transformed boasts the latest recipes and techniques for making beautiful handmade paper designs.

I think my coffee is ready! Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!

Saturday, July 4, 2009



Have a safe and happy fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another aviation career

My eldest son has wanted to fly since he was 6 years old (partly my fault for taking him to work). He became enamored of airplanes and has been that way ever since. In his second term of college this year, a private pilot license is part of his curriculum.


On a beautiful evening last week, his aunts, uncles, cousins, brother & I went out to the airport to watch.


Every pilot thoroughly checks out his aircraft before each and every flight. This applies to all aircraft, from the small, single engine plane you see here to the commercial jets of a major airline. This is called a walkaround inspection.


Weight and balance is very important. It is calculated with fuel tanks full and with small aircraft, it’s pretty much the same as putting gas in your car. 


After all the preflight inspections and preparations, it was time to wait for darkness (little did we all know it would be at least another 1/2 hour before takeoff) …Could say he was just a little excited we were all there to watch, although I think Aunt Kimmie was just as excited watching…


Engine running, navigation lights are on and time to taxi out to the runway… 


Hard to imagine that’s my kid piloting that aircraft, but HE’S been preparing for this since he was 6 years old…