Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Library Night

I can NOT believe I’m down to posting once a week! I have sooo many projects going right now and the summer is just slippin’ away!

Here tonite’s library haul and can you guess what I’m working on???


One side of the new front yard wall that my son built, by himself (those are his words), my job was digging.


More digging for mom as we’re building a new deck onto the back of the house at the same time. (At least you can’t get bored with ONE project around here!)


And while the outside is getting worked on – the whole second floor got new carpeting on Saturday! Now that’s a job I left to the professionals. When I first moved into this house this stairway was painted gloss hunter green. Every piece of wood trim in this house was painted gloss hunter green, except the 2nd floor, and it was painted dark brown.


My room still needs new trim … I was sooo not stripping all of it, so I just ripped it out.


Son number 2’s room…


Didn’t take a picture of Son number 1’s as the carpet installers put all the beds in there and by the time I cleared it out, I forgot a picture… So a couple more weekends (I hope) and I should be totally done on the second floor. Then Pam’s coming to decorate! And after checking out her “Wordless Wednesday” maybe I can talk her into planting my gardens too!!

Back to tonite’s library books…


I can’t wait to open up these!! I think it’s the diversion of having so much going on right now that I love to escape into these wonderful crafting books just to dream about being creative! Or hop on my motorcycle for a ride…but that’s a post for another day…

Hope you had a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. Sandy, you are redoing everything! I cannot wait to see it all finished. Maybe I just might make the trip to see all this renovation first hand! I actually beat you to a book, Rejuvenated Jewels is in my library basket by my desk as we speak! Let me know how you like A Handmade Life. The other book Creative Awakenings looks interesting. Thanks for the link love. Hope you can relax a bit during all the upheaval in your house. Hugs, Pam

  2. I love those kinds of books too. Been busy with my darling daughter in the hospital. I needed all the pretty things to get my mind off of her.

  3. Everything looks so pretty..Love the new carpet.. I also love the wall you and your son built...
    What a change in color(the walls).. The new colors are just amazing... I bet you're really happy with the way things are coming along and most of can't wait for it all to get done...
    Hope all is well..