Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another aviation career

My eldest son has wanted to fly since he was 6 years old (partly my fault for taking him to work). He became enamored of airplanes and has been that way ever since. In his second term of college this year, a private pilot license is part of his curriculum.


On a beautiful evening last week, his aunts, uncles, cousins, brother & I went out to the airport to watch.


Every pilot thoroughly checks out his aircraft before each and every flight. This applies to all aircraft, from the small, single engine plane you see here to the commercial jets of a major airline. This is called a walkaround inspection.


Weight and balance is very important. It is calculated with fuel tanks full and with small aircraft, it’s pretty much the same as putting gas in your car. 


After all the preflight inspections and preparations, it was time to wait for darkness (little did we all know it would be at least another 1/2 hour before takeoff) …Could say he was just a little excited we were all there to watch, although I think Aunt Kimmie was just as excited watching…


Engine running, navigation lights are on and time to taxi out to the runway… 


Hard to imagine that’s my kid piloting that aircraft, but HE’S been preparing for this since he was 6 years old…


  1. Oh I know you must be proud of him. Will he be a commercial pilot or what does he plan to do with it? Blessings

  2. Awe Sandy, this is such a lovely post coming from his proud Momma! (yea, it's obvious!)
    He's got your smile!!!!
    everything vintage

  3. I guess that is like watching your kids on a roller coaster for the first time--It must be exciting to watch, but I feel for ya. I got the bracelets today---yea!!!!! Zandra and I are having fun getting are charms ready!

  4. How exciting for him, a childhood dream come true...You must be so proud of him!!! Love the pictures of him looking over his plane...How fun!

  5. Very Cool! My hubby got his a few years ago - for both gliders (no engine) and then power planes like the one in your pictures. Are you going to go up in the plane with your son for a ride?