Sunday, September 20, 2009

A weekend at the lake

This weekend I took time off to play. My BFF Linda invited myself and other BFF, Sharon, to come and stay at her lake house. We arrived amid fog, actually the drive was very foggy almost the whole way. I was warned this was one step above camping out… yeah, right…


Does this even resemble a camp?!? It was unload the car and we were off …first stop Linesville. The hardware store on the main street was all decked out for fall.



These purple mums were absolutely gorgeous and so…purple!


The gift shop next door had this stunning crystal chandelier mounted inside a round canopied bassinet. Highly impractical but just too cute!


Next stop was Pymatuming Lake to see the “sucky” fish. These fish are carp and they eat whole loaves of bread that people throw into the water at them. Throw some bread and see what surfaces…


Throw a LOT of bread and look what you get!!!


Actually these fish are in the spillway and as the lake was a little low they were kind of bottle-necked in here. And  if the fish are getting a free meal, the fowl want free food too! Because they are so many fish in one place, the ducks can actually walk on top of them to fight for the bread.


Next stop, Jamestown Soap Works. You can read all about the store here.


Her store and workshop is located behind her home.


Around the side, is the “husband’s chair”. Most of them make it to the threshold of the tiny shop, take one look inside, then back out and find somewhere to sit outside until their wives are done shopping!


Her garden was decorated with a vintage flair, lots of antiques and wrought iron! You could while away the whole afternoon in her garden. Her husband actually mounted a full-size vintage radio on the outside wall. (The kind the family gathered around in the evening, before television took its place.)


I did not ask to take pictures inside her very beautiful shop. The shop became very busy while we were there and there was just so much to look at and SMELL, just absolutely wonderful fragrances of all her handmade soaps and lotions. It was sooo difficult to pick just one or two! 

Lunchtime found us in Espyville and we found this little treasure quite by accident…


A tiny schoolhouse in a retired school teacher’s yard.

We took a ride to Greenville next. The sky could not have been bluer or more clear. It almost matches their banners!


A thrift shop junk store and hardware store. (Keep in mind we’ve been garage sale-ing too!) Tomorrow I’ll try to get some of those treasures posted.

Stay tuned as I have the most beautiful “amateur” garden to show you and the tea party quilt show that we attended…

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Looks like a very nice piece of property to me.
    Can't wait for the rest of the pictures.

  2. Looks like a great weekend. Can't wait to see the garden! Hugs, Pam