Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Library Night

I was thinking that maybe I should change the format of library night. I’ve posted Shelfari at the bottom of my blog page and I thought I’d just list my new titles there every week. With the weather changing, my reading habits change and I tend to check out more novels to curl up in bed with. I’ll happily share my latest novel titles but there’s not much eye candy looking at novels. I’d love to know what you think…


Yesterday I received this lovely package from sweet Zandra




TWO absolutely, beautiful hankies!! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you Zandra!! My FIRST monogrammed initial hankie too! What a sweetheart!!

My cousin Michele also surprised me with a package…


Lots of vintage sheet music and slides! Growing up, she always had the good stuff and now that we’re all grown up, she STILL has the good stuff!! What’s a cousin to do, but beg her to send me some good stuff!? Lucky for me she has to love me - I’m her cousin!

Hope you had a surprising Tuesday!


  1. Boy you did hit the jackpot. The hankie is beautiful.

  2. Your very lucky! I wish I had a cousin that was a vintage admirer like yours. I must admit that I will miss your Library Night posts for the fall/winter season. I quite enjoyed seeing your picks, although Shelfari is also a nice alternative. Happy reading!

  3. Sooo glad you like them! I wanted to find an "S" but I love the "M". I have to get my other thing in the mail, just haven't had time yet. ;o) Hugz, Z

  4. What pretty hankies!! :) You were sure surprised with lovelies this week!