Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mondays with Mother

I was so inspired by Maureen’s blog dedicating Mondays with stories about her mother,


(much to my mother’s dismay I’m sure) I decided to join too!

Me & Mom


Yep, that’s cute, adorable ME! My mom would be 23 years old in this picture. She still lives in the same house and that mirror still hangs in the dining room. She wore glasses all of my life (I’ll have to ask her when she started wearing them). I didn’t start wearing glasses until 30.

A few years ago my mom was ready for a new pair of glasses. It had been a few years since she gotten the pair she was wearing. She started complaining about not being able to see, especially at night. One day we were sitting in her dining room talking about making a new eye appointment for her. She asked to try on my glasses..so I handed them over. She put them on and exclaimed “OMG, the trees have leaves!!!”  Yes, they have leaves I told her. She couldn’t see “actual” leaves with her glasses. Come to find out, she had the wrong eye glass prescription for a few years.

Only MY mother…


  1. I love this post idea. Can't wait to see you TOMORROW!!!!! AAAGGGHHHH! I am ready to burst! Frantically making lists of lists so I don't forget anything. Then I am ready to get on that plane and relax! See you at the airport sometime before noon.

  2. Love, love, love this! Happy to see you are doing a Mondays with Mother, too! What a precious photo. I really like your Mom's glasses. They had some interesting looking one's back then. She is also wearing the obligatory red lipstick of the day. And those pearls! My mom wore them all the time. Don't you think they look so classy? Maybe, there are others who might want to follow our lead, and do "Mondays with Mother" postings. I think next Monday, I will set up a link on my blog to invite others to join in and we can sort of all link together.

  3. Oh I like the My Mom idea too. Once I finish my month long birthday with news items for 1937 and gratitude expression daily, I think I will do that. Love your blog. blessings

  4. What a precious story and so cute! I love mom stories so I will be checking back for more!