Friday, November 27, 2009


I’m not in sunny south Florida, not skiing in Colorado, not even loafing at the sea shore, I’m home putting in a new radiant hot water heating system. Let me explain how much fun this vacation is…


You start with this unassuming coil of tubing and feed it through all the rafters then attach it to the ceiling of your basement. How hard could it be?! Wait I have to drill holes in each rafter?!? I guess I can manage that…


I have to feed HOW MUCH tubing through those holes?!?! It’s rigid 1/2 inch tubing that’s a continuous run from one end of the basement, looped through each rafter then fed back to the starting point…GEEZ! A rough estimate – probably 300 ft of tubing is run already. 700 feet left to go…

See those fancy bends at the ends of the run? At least it was some consolation that I got to use my crafty heat gun to make those bends (and it fell off the ladder one too many times & I have to go buy another one!)


When you are all finished securing the tubing, you get to cover it with rolls of silver reflective insulation. If you look really close, the very far left run has the insulation stapled up there already.

Zone 1 is almost finished…there’s 2 more zones to go and my week’s vacation is over already!! (SIGH!) Well almost over…I still have Saturday and Sunday left to go…Think I can finish by then?? Nah, me neither.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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  1. Not fun! Look on the bright side, Christmastime will be so much more relaxed after this big endeavor. Hope you finish it soon, so you can be on to more enjoyable adventures. Happy belated Thanksgiving.