Monday, November 30, 2009

Mondays with Mother

Janet is 2 years old and playing with her wicker baby carriage. She’s standing in front of the dining room window.


Here she’s sitting on the front stoop with her older brother Tony and another little boy.

scan0001 (2) 

My mother would be leaving this house in another year and growing up in the home of her grandmother. Her father (my grandfather) passes away suddenly and her mother (my grama) can’t raise 2 young children and work too. So she rents the house and moves back to town until the children are older.

My grandfather built this house (circa 1940), my brothers and I were raised in this house, and my mother still lives in this house today.

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  1. What beautiful photos of your Mom. I love her cute little dress and those adorable shoes. Isn't it strange, how due to circumstances, she had to leave that house...only to wind up back there and still be there today.