Monday, December 7, 2009

Mondays with Mother


This is one of my favorite photos of my mother when she was little! The ringlets in her hair, the dress, the band-aids, the scrapes and bruises! You can tell she was not a girly girl. She adored her older brother Tony and I’m sure all those cuts and bruises were gotten trying to keep up with him!

The year’s 1941. Cheerios is introduced by General Mills, the first Jeep is produced,Walt Disney Studios release Dumbo and it’s the middle of World War II. Hard to imagine…


  1. Sandy, wow, what a photograph. Your Mom looks just darling here. A tomboy Shirly Temple! I love the expression on her face, and it is amazing how we can even see the bruises, like large chickenpox :)
    Her dress is too cute! I like how you stated the year and gave us some historical facts.

  2. That is a very cute picture of your mother. I really like this series. I may follow suit in the new year. :-)

  3. This is a fabulous photo! It would be one of my favorites, too. The ones I have of my mom are too small, I love how you can really see your mom as a child in this photo. Lucky girl!
    Sharon :-)

  4. So cute. I love the little touch of time travel. I wish we could really travel through time. Just to observe another era for a day. Hugs, Pam