Monday, December 14, 2009

Mondays with Mother


The “Babushka Babes” - my mother and her first cousin Patricia. A babushka is Polish for “scarf”. 

My cousin Michele and I wouldn’t of been caught dead wearing those babushkas when we were young! Our grandmothers would fuss at us to cover our heads when it was windy or cold out and we would say – how old fuddy duddy is that?!?! Our mothers used to wear those!

What’s really funny is – I’ve always pictured myself wearing a babushka and sunglasses as I drive off in my cherry red mustang convertible… someday…

Fuddy duddy indeed!


  1. Mustang? MUSTANG? What's up with that????
    I love your Monday's with Mother posts!!!

    l&m u much
    everything vintage

  2. Sandy, what a precious photo. I love their sweet and innocent look in that pose, which I'm sure reflects their personalities :)
    My grandmothers used to always want to put a scarf on me too. I know I have a photo of me wearing one somewhere. I must dig that one out. I agree with the desire to wear a lovely babushka and stylish sunglasses while driving a classic car. I can visualize a Grace Kelly scene in my mind.

  3. Everything looks good in a cherry mustang convertible!