Monday, April 20, 2009

Collage Stuff

These are the little goodies I ordered from Lisa’s website Collage I can’t remember where I got her name (Tim Holtz’s website, I’m thinking).


I love those victorian tags and 1889 dictionary pages. Can you believe “forswink” was a word?! A verb, actually, meaning “to exhaust by labor.”


She’s the best source I’ve found for vintage paper products! When you live in a small town, antique stores are about the only place that sells vintage papers. That’s why I get so excited  when I find an old ledger or receipt book at the thrift store. Her website has 2 galleries that feature completed projects using her products. Truly inspirational stuff. And her blog you can check out. too.

Hope you had a Happy Monday!

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  1. Thanks for that link. I am up way past my bedtime. I will have to wait until tomorrow to shop or I'll never get to bed!