Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It’s Tuesday!

They sure do come really fast, don’t they??


Excuse the glare. It’s already dark by the time I get home and the dining room has the brightest lighting. Only 4 books today. Trust me, I have 26 on order and they’ll all show up at the SAME time!

Of course you know where I went after that. Not much, just some odds and ends. Pad of sketching paper, a couple tiny picture frames, a doily and while I was rummaging through the bin of linens, look what I found…


ANOTHER oil painting. My guess - someone stashed it to come back and buy it later. WRONG! I found it. You really wouldn’t believe where I find stuff in that store.

Oh yeah! I’m good!

Hope you were good today too!


  1. You have the BEST library!!!!! I have to get the 1000 greetings book--it looks wonderful!

  2. Sandy, Your Tuesday posts are my favorite. I love looking at the books you picked up so I can check them out and see if I like them too. Plus if I am not thrift shopping myself I like to shop vicariously through you. I love that painting. Sometimes the best treasures are the ones you dig for. (PS You ARE going to SB right????) Smooches from down river, Pam