Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Library Night

Those are all mine?! Ok, ok, I get carried away in the new book listings…


Did I detect a slight “glare” from my librarian? Did that smile say “it’s about time we have some room on the shelf?” I can’t help it! I’m feeling guilty hogging all the new releases now…


I want to stay up all night and read my new books cover to cover… (Yes, I’ve been known to read into the wee hours on a work night! Ask any of my coworkers…)


For those of you bellas heading off to Omaha in November, that’s Jo Packham’s new book, Friendship Bracelets All Grown Up. She’s our guest speaker this year for the luncheon. Maybe we should make some to wear at the luncheon!! How cute would that be?!? Show them off a little… maybe even get them autographed… Ok, ok, I’m getting carried away again, sorry. (I thought it was a great idea, geez…)


I just LOVE this cover! Cat Wei and Amy Butler are two designers whose patterns I just adore. Can’t wait to see the interesting patterns & projects in this book!

And if the library was overflowing with great new stuff for me, wait till you see the great old stuff I got at my favorite thrift store tonight! But you’ll have to check back tomorrow as I haven’t unwrapped it all yet.

Hope you had an over-the-top Tuesday!


  1. That's the way I am at the library. Love the smell of new books and want to bring them all home. Can't wait to see the new buys.

  2. okay you little book hog...I'm really jealous! Are you going to REALLY make me more jealous when I come back here tomorrow to see your goodies?
    You are so mean!
    everything vintage

  3. Alright Sandra! I have added some to my library list so I can annoy my librarian too.