Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Library Night

Well, Shelfari is out and I’m going to continue doing Library Nights on Tuesday. (I know I’m a day off this week but it’s been a really busy week!)


I promise I have lots of good books on order at the library. I somehow found my way into the 2009 Christmas books, so maybe I’ll help you out a little with some of that dreaded gift list.

What were the publishers thinking when they picked the cover of Photojojo?? I’m sorry, I love dogs, but that picture almost made me send the book back without even checking it out! I can honestly say I would never buy that book off the shelf at Borders or Barnes & Noble. I wouldn’t even pick it up off the shelf.

I had a trunk full of goodies for the thrift store so I just HAD to stop in to see what’s new…



A couple of matching framed victorian ladies…


A vintage ledger with alphabet tabs (I don’t have one like this)…


And this pretty fabric I’m taking these pictures on…


Last, an old (circa 1973) game I never played when I was young, but it has game pieces for artwork...




I really liked those descriptions on the cards.

Well I hope you had an enjoyable Wednesday!


  1. I am reading Blogging for Bliss. Hope I learn something.

  2. I'm glad that you decided to keep library have us hooked! (especially Pam)

    You picked up some great finds girlie! I hope you are busy working on your Holiday Fat Book since TODAY was Friday for you!

    Have a good one...
    l&m you!
    everything vintage