Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Library Night


Yes you see a DVD and two Photoshop books in tonight’s pile. Let me explain…I bought Photoshop Elements 7 back in June. My son installed it on my computer in June. I have opened the program ONCE. For the life of me, I can NOT just push a button to see what it does…on anything. I need an instruction manual. I need to know what a button does BEFORE I push it. I need to know WHAT button to push and I need to know WHY I have to push that button. These are my basic needs. I really envy those who can just keep pushing buttons until it does want you want it to do (like programming the TV remote). And then you REMEMBER how you got it to do what you wanted. I am missing those brain cells. I need to read about it first, mentally do the steps in my head and then, AND ONLY THEN, am I ready to push the actual buttons. I keep instruction manuals to EVERYTHING, my sewing machine, my thermostat, my tools, my camera, my appliances. So I needed a Photoshop Elements 7 instruction manual (two for good measure).

Then it was on to my favorite thrift store…


There was no getting a good picture of this glassware. Are these not the cutest set of glasses with their own caddy?


Two decks of cards still wrapped in their cellophane inside this box. Couldn’t pass them up for 49 cents. And for another 49 cents I found these dominoes still wrapped in their cellophane. And the best part, they are not plastic dominoes. Yeah!


Hope you had a good Tuesday!


  1. I completely understand not wanting to push random buttons and experimenting with them! It's scary. How clever picking up some books at the library to help out. I should do that, too. I love your vintage finds! :D

  2. Your part of the post about needing to learn about the buttons to press, before actually pressing them makes me laugh! My Dad is just like that. Only, he will read a manual 10 times and still not press the buttons. He never feels prepared enough. Some call that procrastination. I liken it more to fear. Fear of the unknown. I'm a procrastinator, but I never have a problem in pressing the buttons. I press first, then research the manual when I have a problem. Funny, how we are all different, thank God for diversity. I've had photoshop elements 6.0 for about a year and I should really get a manual from the library. I can only do the basics, learned only from pressing the buttons. It is becoming a bit frustrating, so I'm due to reasearch now. By the way, love the dominoes!

  3. We have Adobe Creative Suite which we had to buy Sadie for school. It has Photoshop and Illustrator and all kinds of goodies in it. I am afraid to even INSTALL it on my computer because then I will have to figure out how to use it! She has it on her Mac Book and I haven't even looked at it. Ridiculous, right? I will have to order that book from the library because I really do want to play with it. Guess this hesitation comes from being an old broad.