Sunday, October 11, 2009

SB Saint Tag Swap

One month to go and another swap is finished! I’ll be putting these tags in the mail tomorrow.



These are for the Saint Tag Swap. I ordered real holy cards online and made a holder out of the tag so they can be removed. Had a few design problems with using transparencies but I was determined to use this photo…


I took this picture at our local cemetery. Aren’t these rusted brass doors just awesome?? If you look through the wrought iron part, there’s a stained glass window on the opposite side of this mausoleum. I was standing in the exact middle of the doors so not to catch my reflection in the glass. I transferred this picture to transparencies to overlay onto my tags.

Now, if I can get a week of Sundays to finish my last 2 swaps for Silver Bella…

Hope you had a creative weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Love those doors! You'll have to post pics of your tags after Silver Bella, for those of us who didn't sign up for this swap.