Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Library Night


I was breezing through Heather’s blog when I spotted this book she highly recommended. I’ve never heard of him but I just LOVE checking out something (or someone) new! (You probably all know that about me by now.)

And speaking of new…




I have sorely missed Victoria! I was so excited when they restored publication of their magazine and to see a new book (2009), I hope they are also restoring their special book publications.  I cannot WAIT to have some downtime to just savor this book from cover to cover!  I had my nose buried in this as soon as my wonderful librarian laid it on the counter!


The Tuesdays are not only coming faster but where did the month of October disappear to??? Next weekend is Halloween already!

Hope you had a memorable Tuesday!


  1. I just bought Sew Pretty Christmas with a 40% off Borders coupon. I love it. I want to move in and celebrate all winter in the rooms in the book. That Art Making book looks awesome too. I have to get to the library soon or at least make some new lists! Hugs, Pam

  2. I bought Receipts a Jamie Oliver cook book for Christmas. I love him. (I love Receipts too) OK I already hogged two comments, am I catching up?

  3. I just love to pop over to check out your library book covers. You pick the best and the varied. Don't you just love looking at the covers. I can spend hours just looking at covers, like browsing through Amazon.com or LibraryThing.com. I guess its just one of my many addictions :-)