Friday, February 20, 2009

Art from the Heart

I HEART my local library! There is nothing better than carrying a whole stack of books home from the library. On any given day, I have anywhere from 6 to 16 books checked out. Crafting books, interior decoration, home and garden, how-to manuals, fiction and on a very rare occasion, cookbooks. The librarians joke that I have my own hold shelf. So I thought I’d share my current reading list with you. But I promise, not all at once!


These beautiful pictures are from a book titled Art from the Heart by Catherine Matthews-Scanlon. It is a memory art projects book and the instructions are very well written and easy enough for a novice. I have 4 projects from this book currently in various stages of completion.

I just love this little guy, absolutely adorable…


And this little girl, the cutest thing… I LOVE the glass look, but not soldering…image

I definitely can do glass slides, copper tape and my grandmother. And this was my first attempt ever! Five minute assembly time, max!


I was really pleased and I bet it gets better with practice. No soldering and the foil tape.. super simple to work with. I did have a problem with keeping the slides aligned while putting the tape around but the picture doesn’t show the mistake. Really can’t wait to do more..

Thumbs up for this book! You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. LOVE this book. It's one of my top faves! And she is just the sweetest person...she has a great blog (of the same name). Love the piece that you's pretty.