Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Library Night …

Tuesday evening after work is my weekly trip to the library. These are the goodies that were waiting for me…


Can you tell I like MULTI media craft projects? My workroom looks like a cyclone hit it, everyday. But I am truly happy sitting amidst the chaos putzy-in’. You know, playing with different things…creating. I inherited putzy-in’ from my grama. Josephine loved to putzy whether it was sewing, crocheting, baking or crafting. Hands, heart and mind were ALWAYS busy. And if all that putzy-in’ resulted in a finished project, great, but if not, that was OK too. 

Take time to enjoy the journey as much as the creation. That’s why we create!

Thank you Josie! I needed the reminder…

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  1. You must have the best library ever on the way home from work. Mine still has craft books from the 80's. Blah! I am so enjoying your blog. I will be posting a link at the end of the week when I get back on track. I am so happy you have finally joined us. Now lets plan a blog chicks meeting up trip! Pam