Monday, February 23, 2009

Japanese Craft Book

Yes, believe it or not, our library purchased a Japanese craft book. And it is definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

home sweet craft - japanese_Page_31

I have been dying to read one! Now I can see what all the buzz is about.. I envy those Seattle gals that can walk into their local bookstore and browse through these books. Awesome eye candy! Here take a look…

home sweet craft - japanese_Page_30

home sweet craft - japanese_Page_15

home sweet craft - japanese_Page_25

And if you’re brave enough, there’s patterns and instructions. Soooo, I gave it a try…

following the diagrams, using a metric ruler, and trying my best to decipher that little bitty print… (That last photo is the actual page)


Here’s the finished tote bag. I added a lining to the bottom part of the bag. I could not decipher the drawing and as I can’t read Japanese, I had no idea if it called for a lining. Cute, huh?

These bags did not have instructions so I just used a basic tote bag pattern. They were pictured in what I’m guessing as a little shop that sold handcrafted items (or so I like to think they were handcrafted).


Absolutely love the linen and eyelet together with the little mini print lining. I actually made three bags total in this pattern. Aren’t these so cute for spring??

The book has 133 pages and packed full of stuff for the home. There’s knitting, crocheting, projects made from wire, home decor and even recipes! There are artists’ profiles (at least that’s my guess), shop advertisements and pictures of more books. I figured out I have Volume 3 because Volumes 1 & 2 home sweet craft are advertised in the back. And the “back” of their book is the “front” of our books. The title photo (shown above) is our back cover and the book opens right to left, instead of our left to right concept.

I wrote a list of just a “few” more projects to do before it has to go back to the library. Luckily I got to renew it before anyone’s realized what this fabulous book is… After this post, I’m sure it’ll be on hold, after all, there is only one in the system! The book receipt actually printed out TITLE: ???????????. VOL. 03 : BARCODE: 31812040350002 DUE DATE: 03-03-09  How funny is that? (I meant to take a picture so you’d believe me.) Is it the weekend yet, so I can craft?

Now I wonder if I could talk the lovely librarians (at the Moon branch) into ordering Volumes 1 & 2…hmmm, pretty please?? 

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