Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Library Night

Wow! A whole week whizzed by and I haven’t posted…sorry.

Tonight’s library visit… only 3 books but one brand new Sewing Green I ordered before it was even processed. Definitely looking forward to reading this one!


And of course the thrift store is overflowing with donations from unsold garage and yard sale items. I even had a few things to donate myself! The bins were filled to capacity, so now I can’t wait til next week!


Loved the script writing on this leather cover and the pages were appropriately discolored! A steal for 99 cents!


Now I haven’t done cross stitch for quite some time, but I couldn’t pass up this vintage era ‘70’s of the fab five airlines. I actually started my aviation career with one of them, but that’s a tale for another day.


A whole bag full of rubber stamps for 2.99!! I was so excited when I saw “victorian” on both sets! Can’t wait to play with these!

Hope you had a great Tuesday!


  1. WOW love the stamps!!!! And the scrapbook looks awesome too. Congrats on finding these goodies.


  2. Congratulations Mom on graduation........I love your Library!!!! Those books always look so amazing!!!!!

  3. 2.99?! I'm jealous. Those stamps are beautiful. Enjoy your books!

  4. Good stuff, good books! Can't wait to see if you make something from one of them.

  5. Those stamps are just amazing..I can't believe you got a whole bag of them and what a great price...
    I know what you mean about weeks flying by...I feel like the whole month of June just flew by...
    Hope all is well.