Friday, May 8, 2009

Cemetery Art

While visiting Louisiana, I had to see the beautiful cemetery Jodie had blogged about. It was all she said it was, and more. I even got a few photo lessons while we strolled through the grounds, on a lookout for angels.


I do not even come close to having the photographic talent Miss Jodie has, but I was trying…


You know I LOVE any type of ironwork. Lots of iron crosses and I saw Julie’s cross under that mammoth oak tree.


Seem to be in the right place to find angels.


Yep…they’re definitely welcome here. Ever wonder what your guardian angel looks like??


I suspect mine looks like this at the end of EVERY day!

Never run faster than your guardian angel can fly!


  1. Sandy! I love love love your photos!!!! My gosh they came out beautiful!

    Whew, it sure was hot that day but so worth it for these pics! Now I can't wait to see what you will create with this cemetery art...

    everything vintage

  2. Sandy, your photos are lovely! I am sure you keep your angel hopping. Hugs, Pam