Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Library Night

It’s Tuesday and I have to apologize. I stopped at the library to clear my shelf as 8 books were waiting for me. And I’ve got some GREAT titles to show you BUT  I have no camera !! Tonight is the Senior Prom (yes, on a Tuesday) and my youngest has my camera! So I’ll have to share these wonderful titles tomorrow!

Tonight I’ll share a sneak peak into a really inspiring compilation of artwork.


Is this owl not the cutest?!?! As the entire book is greeting cards and such, I would assume the owl shape is cut from pretty paper and then stitched on the sewing machine. Tiffany has a wonderful way to fake stitches if you're not a sewer.


I liked this fresh approach to decoupage and watercolors by Jenn Mason.


Most of the book has 6 to 9 images of various artwork and their artists.


So as you can imagine, the book is quite large, but if you enjoy this type of papercrafts, this book is jam packed with inspiration and creativity.

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! It was no fun going back to work today…


  1. Woo hoo my fave night at Sandy's. Hope your camera comes back in one piece so you can post more wonderful inspiration.Senior prom on a Tuesday? Hopefully no school tomorrow. Do you have a graduating senior this year too? More info on those kiddos please. If so you, Geralyn and I have one more sista tie! My girl doesn't "do" dances so I had no prom fun to photograph. I actually hung out at my neighbor's house for their kids prom to get some prom excitement. Hugs, Pam

  2. The heck with the titles...I want to see some prom pictures!!!! Yay!!! Go Seniors!!!!
    (I hope you get your camera back tonight!)
    ...and no, going back to work was not fun today.
    everything vintage