Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Library Night

Tuesday already?!? Lost a few books last week since I was off playing with Jodie. You only have a few days to pick up your books or they go back into circulation. So I’ll have to reorder and wait till it’s my turn again. This week’s reading list…


I’ve been waiting for Collage for the Soul, sounds positively inspiring, don’t you think?? Can’t wait to dig in!

And you KNOW where I went after that…my favorite junk store.


A metal case, baby ric rac, shelf paper and buttons. The metal case is not a compact. It has a hinged arm inside…


and in perfect condition. Can anyone tell me what this is?? I don’t believe it’s a cigarette case, the hinged arm would smash their smokes. It came in a fabric (suede) pouch. It’s really pretty.

Hope your Tuesday was pretty, too.


  1. OK Sandy, I need to see this "Junk" store where you find all of this wonderful stuff! You know your Tuesday posts are my favorites because of the books. I missed you last week! I am going to my library website and order some new ones too. Maybe we should do a Tuesday book review with links to you. I know, too much pressure.

  2. Could it be a calling/business card holder??