Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Coat

The reason I had to ship stuff home from Louisiana…


This coat took up half my suitcase and weighed a ton!! See that shimmering satin lining, and after washing & drying it, it is soooo soft. But the labels say it ALL…



A Lilli Ann gem!! In the fashion industry, a “fabulous french woolen”. And I’m sure I just gave someone heartburn when I said I washed and dried it (yes, in the dryer). It doesn’t fit me (way too big) so I had nothing to lose. All I wanted really, was the labels. Yep, the labels. I dragged this coat almost 1000 miles JUST for the labels. Now that it’s nice and clean and still too big, I will recycle the material. Some french woolen teddy bears…

I’m not a fashion buff, but vintage clothing scores like this one make my heart go pitter-patter. Actually I think it was the $1 that made my heart pitter-patter. hahaha  


  1. You are too funny as I am sure you ARE giving someone out there a heart attack instead of just heart burn by cutting that coat up to pieces!!!

    And be honest...I'm sure you kept the button too!!! tee hee!

    everything vintage

  2. Can't wait to see those teddy bears! What a great idea!

  3. Ack! $1.00? Can't wait to see it transformed! Pam