Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Library Night

I’m going through withdrawal here!! Can you believe there wasn’t ONE book waiting at the library for me!! 14 on hold and they’ll all show up at the same time, guaranteed!
And no trip to the library means I didn’t stop at my favorite thrift store either.

Well how about we take a look at last week’s favorite or two... Making Memory Boxes by Anna Corba.


She will be teaching at Silver Bella this year and I am definitely signed up for her class! I have just been loving her projects and use of vintage ephemera. This was my all time favorite project from the book…


She didn’t use the inside of the box, but the outside. Her fresh approach to collage is what I like the best in her books. If your an Anna Corba fan, I highly recommend all her books!

Creative Collage by Marie Browning. (sorry for the post-it note) She has some really interesting pieces of artwork in her book.


A take on the vintage bottles, which I thought was a little more creative…


How about decorating peat pots from the garden department? This idea I thought was really original and different. 


And an artist’s palette, complete with a vintage cartoon depicting an artist with his easel? Too cute!


Creative Collage is a great book. The author provided instructions for all her projects, they are easy to follow and short. Most projects are only a two page layout including the picture. Makes it really easy when you’re short on crafting time but need a handmade gift or favor.

Well, hopefully we’ll have new books next Tuesday to preview!

Hope you had a good day! 

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  1. My favorite post each week. I have a pile waiting for me at the library. Now I have to add these to my list. Thanks Sandy! Love ya, Pam