Sunday, March 8, 2009

Designing with Words

Today’s inspiration is this library book. I thought by the title this would be a quote book for scrapbooking but was I pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. This book is a combined effort of eight, very talented artists and fifth in a series published by .


I’ve been enjoying tags lately. They’re small enough to finish quickly and I like their versatility. Put them in a journal, use as a bookmark, hang ‘em on a bulletin board…


With this as my inspiration, I created these from old family photos…


I found some glass ice cubes that I bought last year and experimented with cut words and liquid laminate. Cute, huh?


I really love this idea from the book! The background is from a scrabble game and I know I have two scrabble game backgrounds that I peeled off the card board backing.


This book is packed with original, inspiring projects! You want to start creating immediately and the best part…no scrapbook required!

Why is it that I always run out of weekend before I finish all the projects I want to get done?? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It’s back to “real” work tomorrow…

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