Monday, March 2, 2009

Dreams really DO come true

I have to introduce you to my hairdresser, Kelly. And you have to know I won’t let anyone near my hair, especially a hairdresser. Good hairdressers are hard to find – excellent ones are near impossible. Kelly is an excellent one. If she would move to Timbuktu, I would fly to Timbuktu to have her cut my hair. (I’m not kidding and I’m not related!) She started out at a department store salon, where I met her many years ago. She left there to open her own salon. Which I thought was great – but she had bigger dreams… And from her own one-man store, she has just moved in to her very own full service salon…




I am so proud of her! She is truly inspiring!! Good luck on your new venture Kelly!

And remember to always hold on to your dreams…

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