Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Library Night!

It’s Tuesday and you all know where I’ve been!


Only 5 arrived out of 23. Hopefully 18 won’t show up at the same time. I have to read Fabric Scrapping first, due back in 1 week. Talk about pressure! And Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing got a little publicity in Country Living this month. I was browsing the magazine rack while waiting at the store and there was her book. I thought WOW I have that book in my car!! And treasures found at the thrift store afterwards…


100% natural linen table cloth $2 bucks. I’m sitting here taking the red trim off… 4 Currier & Ives tins .39 cents each…. a plaque .79 cents.


A plastic compartment storage bin filled with pins, needles, grommets, old cloth tape measure and thimble (Yeah!). Plastic novelty buttons; pink bears, yellow owls, white mice and red vintage cars .39 cents a card and a ziploc bag full of snaps and hook & eyes.

Hope you all had a productive evening too!


  1. What? You live in library/thrift wonderland! I may have to make the trek upriver just to see if this place really exists. Of course, I can't exactly take books from your library back to Ohio, but that thrift shop is another story.

  2. I have to put you on my sidebar--I had a lot to catch up on. I love your library---they really have some good books! I finally got to the post office yesterday............sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!