Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Library Night

We all know what Tuesday means…


And the wonderful librarians at Moon Library didn’t charge me a thing for shelf space!! 12 books at once…

I guess I get carried away when I start ordering online, but in my defense, 4 of these I’ve been waiting weeks for. They just all show up at the same time!

On my way home, my weekly jaunt to the local thrift store…


Trust me, if the matching teapot was in that store, I’d of found it and called it a week!


Half price on yellow tags this week… which every doily had!


2 purple embroidered napkins $1.00 (half off .99 cents each) and 3 silver plated spoons (actually bought 4). 2 vintage aprons, a piano music book and wooden cigar box, I think that’s everything…

The luck of the Irish today! Hope the leprechauns filled your pots with gold too!!

1 comment:

  1. You came home with a haul girl! What are you going to do with those embroidered napkins? I have several but I hate to use them as actual napkins, too pretty. I just picked up 10 books this morning from my library, you have inspired me! (or created a monster) My librarian was thrilled with the books though, she said she hadn't heard of some of them before. So all I can say is Score! for both of us, Pam