Sunday, March 29, 2009

Embellish Your Home

I had good intentions on Friday. Really I did! My crafting room is a MESS! I  can’t find a thing, sewing table and desk are trashed, stacks of books all over the floor. Every horizontal surface has a stack of something on it. Did I clean like I promised?? Nooooo, I putzy’d…


I saw this clever idea in Embellish Your Home by Dena Fishbein, called Twigs and Parasol Bouquet. I made it for my aunt who’s recuperating from surgery. Isn’t it adorable?

And today I decoupaged book pages to my cardboard magazine holders. At least I’m thinking about getting organized…tomorrow…

Hope you had a happy weekend!


  1. Ha ha, my sewing room is a mess too. I just moved to the kitchen and closed the door to the sewing room. I know I have to clean, I can't find one thing I need, so...... Love the parasol bouquet, what a lovely idea.
    Margaret B

  2. Sandy, That is so cute. I have that book and love it. You are making more progress than me, I just hung out all weekend.

  3. I love the arrangement, really tastefully done. I love the charm bracelet holders!!!!!!!! You are sew talented!!!!!!