Sunday, March 1, 2009

A proper introduction

“Sew Revived?” she asked. “How did you chose that name?” I stared at her as if she had grown 3 heads, as it dawned on me… Forgive me, but I did not properly introduce myself. My name is Sandra M. and I call my putzy-ing “Sew Revived”. I do my best to reduce, recycle, reuse. My crafting incorporates recycled materials and sewing is usually my method of madness, hence, the name. Today’s inspiration came from the Japanese craft book I told you about last week.


See that lovely retro handbag… Well, I took an upholstery sample and a couple of retro napkins,


A free pattern from projects page and created this bag


and this bag today.


LOVE the tied handles, don’t you?! Such cute little bags out of mere thrift store items…

Ahhh, the weekend is over already!! Hope yours was great!

And now that we’ve been formally introduced, please feel free to drop by anytime...

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